Direct Sales Software

We have 17 years of experience in creating Business Operations Software for Direct Sales Companies. We generally create complete hosted Operational Systems tailored for the business with comprehensive ongoing Management of the system, Technical Support and Optional Customer Support as required.

  • We are a flexible company, which will adapt to your business needs and develop the online software that suits your specific requirements. We integrate good business practices into one unified system which ensures online management and support.
  • Our Systems are user-friendly and easy to administer and maintain. We enable our clients to build a multi-national corporation serving hundreds of thousands of customers on one platform.
  • Talk through your ideas with us and you will be amazed by the benefits we can offer to your project.
  • Working with Topsites you can reduce your IT costs up to 70%.

Operational Solutions
Our long term success in creating the cutting edge Direct Sales Software programming allows us to have a deeper understanding of the clients’ needs before we embark on any project in this industry.
By carrying out a proper analysis of the processes within the business we are able to meet the requirements of our clients and supply them with the best Operational Solutions tailored for their business.

Our Experience
Our systems have a complex architecture created through the experience that we have built within the industry over the years. On the other hand, the different modules that make up the systems have been designed to easily integrate with each other to ensure seamless business management. This minimises the amount of training required for the Administrators who maintain the system.
Basic Pack

Basic Website with integrated eCommerce facilities

Back Office System with comprehensive Administration System

Commission Plan

Standard Pack

All features of the Basic Pack Plus:

Reporting Module

Customised Website Design

Payment System integration –

Withdrawals and KYC

Support Module

Professional Pack

All features of the Standard Pack Plus:

MLM Commission Plan Design and Analysis

Translation Module, Documents, News, Videos, Gallery, Testimonials

Marketing Consultancy

Enterprise Pack

All features of the Professional

Pack Plus:

Customised Communications, E-mailing and SMS Module

Customised Complex Commission Design and Implementation

Customised Retail Shop Integration

Customised Development

Advanced stand-alone Online Shop

A more detailed costing structure will be provided once your project has been analysed by our experts.
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